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If you are planning to attend either Holy Cross or Christ Church, please be aware of the following:
Communion will be in one kind only - just bread, no wine;
    • Masks will need to be worn for the whole service, except for taking the bread
    • The wafers will be dropped into the hands of each communicant;
    • Each communicant should extend their hands to receive the bread, with face covering in place. They should then lower or unloop the face covering, consume the bread, and then replace the face covering.
    • No words of distribution are to be said;
    • The priest is to wear a face mask throughout the distribution of the bread;
    • If hands touch, both communicant and priest are to sanitise their hands immediately;
At Christ Church...
    • The wafers will be distributed from the chancel step;
    • Congregation to approach via the one way system in church, with those sitting in the balcony first, then from back of pews in aisles near main door, round to front of organ side aisle
    • Congregation to queue 2m apart down the aisle;
    • If you are worried about mobility, please take a seat in one of the side chapels, and the priest can bring communion to you
At Holy Cross...
    • Please stay in your seats to receive communion - clergy will bring wafers to each member of the congregation
  • will distribute the wafers as you leave the building (before gathering in the garden for a blessing - depending on the weather!)

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