Christ Church

The Parish Church

The construction of Christ Church began in 1848, the foundation stone being laid on 13th November of that year. The church opened one year later with the first service being held by Bishop’s Licence on 20th September 1849, it was consecrated on 23rd October 1851. From the first proposal to the completion of the church took 2 ½ years and was without debt, all costs being covered by public subscription.The building is of red sandstone in the Neo Norman style with a slate roof.


In 1864 the church was enlarged. The original chancel and vestry was removed. A new chancel was built along with the two transepts, an organ space and a new vestry.

In 1887 the inside of the church walls were lined with terracotta tiles. This is now seen as an attractive feature but it was  to counter the persistent damp which was permeating the plaster.


To cater for the increasing population of Timperley a Mission School was built in 1888 on Deansgate Lane. Services were held in the school house until St Andrew's Church was built on Moss Lane in 1932.

In 1914 St David's Church was built on Grove Lane to cater for the parishioners within the parish boundary on the North East fringe of Hale.

A third chapel of ease was opened on Park Road in 1969. This was St Catherine's Church, a multipurpose pre-fabricated building.

These three chapels of ease, for many years, thrived and developed in their own way.

By the mid1990's it was clear that four churches even in a parish of 27,000 people, was unsustainable. Costs were rising which had to be borne by fewer people. A vision for the parish was that there should be Christ Church as the parish church, and one other church at the north end of the parish.This was a painful but necessary proposal but in 1999 St Andrew's was closed and the congregation joined the congregation of St Catherine's.

On land adjoining St Catherine's the new church which was to become Holy Cross was built. Holy Cross was consecrated on 16th September 2001. 

When St Catherine's closed as a church the building became The Parish Hall. The original Parish Hall on Mainwood Road was closed.

At Christ Church internal redecoration and sympathetic modernisation begun in 1987 was completed in 1997 but retaining the original box pews. Extensive roof repairs were made and the spire was removed because it had become unsafe. The spire was replaced by a saddleback roof in 2005. The top section of the spire has been unobtrusively erected as a feature in the graveyard.

In 2002 St David's Church was closed and the congregation joined the congregation of Christ Church.

The final stage of refurbishment was completed in 2006, when the pews beneath the gallery were removed and the floor levelled. In this area a meeting room, dedicated as the St David's Room and a small kitchen have been built. There are glazed folding doors opening onto the main church. In the base of the tower toilets have been installed. Access to the gallery is by an oak staircase from the main church instead of via the, now disused, outside door of the tower.

To open the space up in front of the meeting room the font has been moved from a position opposite the main door to the corner of the north transept.

Font Nave Lady Chapel
Font and North Transept Chancel South Transept and Lady Chapel


                           St David's